Breakfast In A Skillet
A different twist on sausage and grits - Italian style! Sliced polenta and sausage layered together with tangy artichokes, sweet onions and Parmesan cheese baked on top. This combo is so good you might want to double it for a crowd! Best of all it’s Gluten Free!
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Ann Marie Eggers

My new favorite suasage. Will be buying your product again and again,
Aug 23 at 7:54am

Sheri Risner West

I tried your sausage for the first time and I absolutely love it!!! My new fav for all recipes needing a boost.
Aug 20 at 7:56am

Paula Rae

Finally a sausage link that isn't all filler and fat! The taste ( spices) are perfect, with enough Zing it isn't boring!! Thank you, thank you. Now stay awesome and you'll have another life long customer!
Aug 19 at 10:42pm

Ruth Ann Curtiss

Best Sausage! We buy 10lbs bulk every time.
Aug. 19 at 10:42pm  

Phil Shepherd

Best sausage ever!!!
Aug 19 at 4:43pm  

Robin Holland Canfield

Awesome! Best Sausage Ever! Love the Packaging Too!
Aug 18 at 3:44pm  
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