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Ever find yourself torn between waffles or a sausage, egg biscuit? These Waffle Sandwiches are the answer! Made with our delicious Swaggerty’s Farm sausage patties and scrambled eggs sandwiched between a hot, bite-size waffle! They’re Waffle-Sand-licious!
Sausage Dinner Recipe
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Keith Stoner

I Love Your Sausage! Simply The Best Sausage and I was hooked the very first Time I tried It.
I eat 3 sausage patties every other day- EXCELLENT SAUSAGE!.

Nikki Gladner Gillespie

ust want to say my twin 21 month old girls LOVE sausage. After reading ingredient lists in other brand sausages and cringing knowing there's horrible things in them like BHA and finding your product yesterday and reading it, I was so excited!!! They taste is amazing! Knowing they're already cooked and just heat and serve is so handy for this momma. Keep it up! Our family is hooked!

Theresa Gunter Langlois

This is the ONLY sausage my brother buys!!!!!! Yes it is very, very good!!!!

Drew Kules

The only reason tried Swaggerty's was that WalMart was out of their store brand...and I am so glad they were!
Without a doubt, your sausage is the tastiest I have ever eaten. I'm so glad I discovered Swaggerty’s!
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