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Delicious bite size treats! Great for breakfast, brunch or your next party. Sausage balls dipped in a delicious buttermilk batter and lightly fried to a golden brown. Served with a sweet maple and orange dipping sauce. The kids will love it!
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Deidra Jaeger

I was visiting with my family and my sister kept telling me about this sausage so I made my meatloaf with it instead of the one I usually use and all I can say is WOW!! I couldn't wait to try the sausage by itself. We had some for breakfast the next morning and I absolutely LOVED it! Now I have my husband hooked. So happy........ just found out the Food Lion by us carries it! Yay!
August 1 at 10:03am

Richard Marsh

Best sausage ever! Closest thing to making it yourself.
July 4 · Denham Springs, LA

Penny Arlene

once you have had Swaggertys , no others even compare. it can be a very frustrating Love affair, trying to locate this product, depending on where you live. Our Grocery carried a small supply during a grand opening even, then was removed from the product line up and is not available in our location I have to drive halfway cross state to get it from the same grocery chain, at a great expense and frustration
June 22
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