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Sausage balls for everybody! Our gluten free sausage balls are puffy and golden brown made with tart cheeses and spiced for an extra kick. Keep the flavor going, dip them in our special sweet & spicy sauce. Our sausage balls are not only easy to make you can make them ahead, so go join the party!
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Teresa Wooten

Forget about Jimmy Deans, Farmland & whoever else that is out there this sauage here is the Bomb. It was introduced to me at Sam's club this weekend and for 8$ and some change I couldn't resist thank you Swaggertys. Yummmmm!
November 24 at 8:53 am

Kandi Hughes DeLucas

Just heated up my first two links of The All Natural Heat & Serve Links. All I can say is WoW!!! Delicious!!! Signing up for coupons now.
Novemper 7 at 8:40 pm

Teresa Meyer

Best frozen sausage patties ever!!
November. 19 at 3:20pm  

Steven Bradley Jennings

I Love your sausage
November 18 at 11:29am  

Richard Blair

Fantastic product!!
November 8 at 8:04am  

Pamela Satterfield

Without a doubt the best sausage you will ever eat...
About a month ago  
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